Ensuring Folks Are Dealt with Fairly Under the Law Is Difficult

Despite the fact that justice is meant to be blind, this is not always the case. For example, during a more recent lawsuit in Georgia, an all-white jury deemed a dark-colored man responsible for homicide. The United States Supreme Court grew to be interested in this case and found that prosecutors kept African Americans from helping on the jury in his case. Remarkably, 7 people in the highest court docket in the nation felt there was clearly prejudice, with Clarence Thomas, the one African American seated on the court, disagreeing. Thomas believed there seemed to be enough evidence to back up the jury’s decision. Aric Cramer attorney featured this case on his Facebook web page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aric-Cramer-Attorney-at-Law/490400164350504) to demonstrate that all judges can certainly disagree on the very same part of a case, resulting in particular individuals being found guilty yet others released using the very same evidence. This absolutely should never be the outcome. Everyone should experience fair treatment under the laws, and Aric Cramer having a position on the board of the National Criminal Defense Association will allow him to work to ensure this is the way it truly is. This will likely demand changes be manufactured, but he’s ready to fight to witness these types of alterations enacted. The legal system is a frightening place. When individuals can be found liable for a transgression they truly didn’t commit, it will become even more frightening. This definitely should not be the way it is across America.