Summit of Snowdonia’s Craig yr Aderyn Hosts Hockey Match

Players from Dysinni Hockey club in Wales took part in a hockey match like no other – one which took place at the summit of Snowdonia’s Craig yr Arderyn, otherwise known as Bird Rock.

Hockey Heights 2017

Believed to be the first hilltop match held in the UK, the challenge was presented to the team’s sponsors, Tywyn-based snack brand Wild Trail, who banded together to form a rival team consisting of Monmouth office colleagues alongside staff from their parent company, Brighter Foods.

A Challenge Like No Other

Alongside the feat of undertaking such a physical exercise 258m above sea level, the players had to compete with long grass, uneven ground and unpredictable gusts of wind taking them off course during their match. Despite this, both sides put up a brave fight until the very end, when challengers Dysinni Hockey Club walked away the champions having scored a last minute 1-0 victory.

Practice Makes Perfect

Of course, nothing can really prepare a team for such an extraordinary type of match, however in order to get to the level of competence required for such a feat, sites such as offer hockey drill video to help identify areas for improvement for teams to build upon.

Alongside this, several athletes over the years have shared their tips for success when taking up a physical sport like Hockey, including Olympic athlete Kate Richardson
. It’s crucial to understand that all of these athletes focus heavily not just on training up their physical attributes and in-game skills, but also on the importance of having fun whilst they’re training – after all, that’s the main point!

Great Fun Had by All

When asked about the match with a twist, coach Lynda Bennett, who also happens to work for parent company Brighter Foods, said it was great fun for all involved. She added that the owners of the land had given their full permission for the event, and emphasised how fantastic the opportunity was to play in such unique conditions with the stunning surroundings that Craig yr Arderyn has to offer.