What Do Exorbitant Wages Mean for Transfers Within the Premier League?

Wages are going up all the time within the world of football, and these huge salaries can change
the way that clubs do business. It could be the case that these factors could drive players to
seek transfers to other rival clubs in an effort to keep driving up their wages. This can lead not
only to inflated wages but also unhappy supporters as players move between rivals.

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Affording Players’ Wages
Due to the huge wages, players are seeking to often stay in the UK rather than move abroad,
and some clubs are prevented from getting new talent on board due to the impossibility of
paying the new high wages. This also means that clubs that want to sell a player cannot find a
suitable buyer to afford the player’s wages.

Television Contracts
Television contracts have also inflated the money flying around the Premier League, with record
TV contracts signed in the 2016/17 season giving clubs more money than ever. Sky paid £4.2
billion to show 126 Premier League matches live for three seasons. At the moment, Manchester
United are the top club financially, but small clubs coming into the Premier League will benefit
from the massive revenue opportunities. So we could see some small UK clubs earning more
than big clubs elsewhere.

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Football Kits
On top of the high wage bills for the clubs are the increasing bills for fans wanting to buy replica
kits. In fact, it has been discovered that fans can pay a 1000% mark-up on the true cost of the
This is because a Premier League shirt can cost around £50 but only costs about £5 to make.
The clubs only make £3 per shirt and the rest goes to the retailers. A better idea is to buy
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many kits at great prices.

Wage Bills
Many billions will be paid to the top clubs in the UK simply for appearing on TV, and this income
means the clubs can pay bigger wages to attract more talent. Barcelona currently has the
highest wage bill at £279m per year. Man Utd is second at £265m and Chelsea third at £256m.
Following these big clubs are Real Madrid, Man City, PSG, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Juventus.